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Bhumi Jeevdaya Samvardhan Trust was founded in 2014, by Late Raghavji Bhai Patel and Sagar Savla. The idea behind opening a treatment centre was that no animal in distress should suffer on road. Our facility started with treatment of birds and gradually we started doing treatment of dogs, cats, rabbits, wild life animals and large animals. Bhumi Jeevdaya Samvardhan Trust has treated over 25000 animals. Our NGO has an on-road treatment team which travels across Navi Mumbai and treats animal that can be treated on road, and don’t need admission. Bhumi Jeevdaya has team of doctors, LSS, Support Staff and drivers for our treatment centre.  We get cases of all kinds of animals ranging from a sparrow to horse. We also admit animals who cannot be treated on road, such as huge maggot wound, accident case, cancer and tumor, skin infection and many more.

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Sagar Savla

Founder Member

Late Shri Raghavji Bhai Patel

Late Shri Raghavji Bhai Patel helped animals, humans the same way, for him helping people or animal in need was priority of his life. He helped Sagar Savla into making Bhumi Jeevdaya possible as they both shared a same vision.

His contribution towards welfare was undeniable.

Founder Member

Mr. Sagar Savla

Sagar Savla started animal rescue at the age of 12. He faced so many challenges during rescues that encouraged him even more to make an ngo which does treatment on road as well admit animals for treatment. His efforts have helped so many animals, he aims higher to make a facility well equipped to make ongoing challenges smooth.




Mr. Kamlesh Raghavji Patel


More then 30000+
Animals Were Helped

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Every Ngo faces manpower issues, when the animal is admitted they need more than treatment. They need lots of pampering, and safe environment. Volunteering for NGO is always a humble gesture as it helps animals in many ways. We have seen animals getting better in less time if there are volunteers coming and playing with our admitted animals.

One can either give time or help us raise funds or coordinate for a case; there are so many ways to volunteer. A help towards voiceless is always appreciated.

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