His-story tends to be the simple narrative of heroic elites courageous kings and queens strong government, the battles that were fought and lost.

Khaldun has said "it is the study of events and circumstances, and the causes of them are deep. The dynamism of capitalism constantly transforms the methods of production and, consequently, the social structure until the day when these exploitation-based relationships are exposed and are susceptible to being destroyed. Therefore, it is an ancientand traditional part of wisdom that is worthy of being considered one of the sciences". Our history or the story of our lives The reason why the story of our people’s history is significant.

In general, Muslims adopted the method of observation, criticism, comparison , and examination. The origins of history are derived from a mix of two words"his" and "story’. Criticism is used to examine the historical accounts and the sources of these stories and the methods used by historians. This is usually the way we learn in school, the his-story. Comparing and scrutinizing various sources to eliminate falsehoods and exaggerations, and get an objective view of what actually transpired. His-story tends to be the simple narrative of heroic elites courageous kings and queens strong government, the battles that were fought and lost.

The authors said that historians need to be educated, precise in their observation, and adept at the ability to compare text and subtext to be able to provide effective critique and explanation. In the words of Tanner says, Historical scholars study and interpret the sources from the past, such as documents, art and architecture as well as human remains, as they view them as a primary sources. "Studying historical events was once only for the elite of society. Historiography is not without its general critique because Rome is a rich source of political knowledge and also weighed the writing of history more in quantities rather than in quality. It was done for specific motives, for instance, to garner enthusiasm for the political system and to encourage people to help in campaigns and conquers, or to measure the success of military operations or commemorate the lives of considered to be significant individuals such as Saints and Kings." Roman historians focused on wars, conquests and administration, ignoring the cultural or social issues of the past. This is especially true for the education system where the dominant ideology governs the curriculum. However, certain historians, like Chinese historians didn’t care about the causes and effects when they wrote what they were instructed to write.

The situation has improved through the years, thanks to the "History From Below" movement in the 1960s, which was a proponent of the historical perspective of the people. They were based more on the text than on methods used from the Greeks. Also, we must remember that history is written and revised by those who win, as the terrorists turn into freedom fighters. the imperialist army brings democracy and western-led revolutions create the world to a new level. In general, historiography is so biased.

This simple view of history is not the reality we live in and hides numerous sins more as Zinn exposes in his seminal work, the Peoples History Of The United States, For instance, Pictor wrote both on morality as well as the history of the importance of the roman state and its citizens just. "The story of any country that is presented as the history of a family is a veiled cover for conflicting interests that are rife (sometimes explosions, usually hidden) in between conquerors and those who conquered; masters and slaves, capitalists as well as workers dominant and being dominated in the spheres of race and sexual. In conclusion that, history is one of the fascinating topics to study through historiography because it allows us to think about the past in a different way. In this world of conflict, a universe of executioners and victims it is the duty of people who think in the manner that Albert Camus suggested, not to stand in the camp against the executed." It is at the point where one examines the time period during which active students of history wrote that the best understanding is made of their work. This is why our history that is the complex story of the people’s history as well as the history of the people of the people from below is vital because it tells the tale of the people who are common or the peasants, working class: it’s the history of the common people. Historiography is not a specific moment, but a perception of the events that led to it. We are making history. In the same way, as the progressives were occupied with the improvement of the condition of the common man during a time of revolutionary change and innovation, the young historians see the soldiers during the revolutionary era as contenders to the role of the typical man.

The people that create history. They constitute the force driving the course of history. The World History Curriculum. Churchill was certainly influential during The Second World War, but the majority of people in all nations fought against the fascist regime at a great cost to themselves, taking an integral role in that particular fight.

Learn about the history of both the ancient and modern worlds by taking free online history courses offered by top universities. Examining the history of individuals and the radical developments within it offers an alternative historical narrative or story that tells the story of our past. Discover the history of Western civilization, the development of China and more. Through studying the history of the average person in the middle of the story, you will begin to comprehend the larger view.

A huge selection of courses are available to you. "This way of writing about history is in contradiction to approaches that tend to place emphasis on single major people in the history of the world, commonly called"the theory of the Great Man. it claims that the main element of history is the day-to-day lives of the average person with their social status, social standing and their profession. Learn wherever you go using the edX mobile application. These are the things in the world that "push or pull" on people’s opinions and permit developments to emerge instead of famous people who introduce ideas or creating historical events." (Wikipedia – People’s history) You can download or stream videos for courses and view them directly on the screen of your iPhone as well as Android device. For instance, take E.P Thompson’s classic book The Making of the English Working Class (1963). What exactly is World History? The book focused on documenting the background of the working-class, but not to praise or denigrate their achievements, but to simply describe their history in their individual terms.

A transregional, comparative and transcultural method of studying the past, World History offers a global view of past events and also on changes in geography and culture throughout the course of. Thompson was an Marxist historian who believed it was important when writing the book to demonstrate the role of the working class in the past and how the working class was created and shaped, hence the title of the book. Instead of focusing solely on specific historical events World History takes a broad-based view of the study of history and examines how these events are interconnected within a larger narrative of human history. Thompson was determined to reveal the history of the past as it unfolds, and not prior histories that tried to diminish the importance of the working class. World history also studies African cultural traditions, Indian literature, French art, Russian policies, Persian education, Greek culture, the British empire and The Mongol Empire, Middle East islamic culture and The Roman Empire, Egyptian pyramids and the emergence of the Renaissance, and many more.

According to McNally asserts: Also, you will learn about the civil conflict within the United States, World War II and its aftermath as well as the rise of world powers through their historical roots. "Thompson was keen to highlight the role of the ordinary working people as the most important factor in the process of historical development. The World History timeline might chart the influence of a simple product like cotton, right beginning with its hand-spun origins within the Indus Valley, to its machine-spun splendor at the peak of the Industrial Revolution. By doing this, he sought to emphasize the essential worth of the people who are the ones who make (and have created) history. "I am seeking" the author wrote in a well-known passage, ‘to save the poor stocker as well as the Luddite cropper as well as that "obsolete" handloom weavers, the "utopian" maker and even the foolish fan from Joanna Southcott, from the immense snarkiness of history." The current research of World History in the United States was born out of the political turmoil in the 1970s, and represents the end of the previously European-centric method of teaching history.


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